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Spot On Solutions is an architect and publisher of business apps. Together with leading experts and professionals in the field, we design business apps for people.


In the last five years, sustainable development has become one of the essential pillars of organizations. Despite that, lots of organizations seem to struggle with planning, measuring, and managing sustainability. That is why we created Beezzz, a sustainability app for sustainability-management. Including emissions, waste, use of natural resources, and social.

About us

Technology should empower you. We are all familiar with user-friendly, simple apps that make our lives more comfortable. However, in our professional life, the technology we manage and use is often not user-friendly and straightforward. We want to close that gap by creating and publishing progressive, user-friendly business apps. That simple starting point was the inspiration to start Spot On Solutions.

Our Network

We design our apps together with professionals from leading organizations. Professionals are active in the field and know what  is needed in real live situations. Based on their input we develop our apps using a technology stack that allows us to realize these ideas in short sprints.

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